Loyalty Card

Triumph Loyalty Program

Who can require Triumph Loyalty Card?

The Triumph Loyalty Card is giving the opportunity to gain an extra price reduction for our loyal customers.

  • -The requirement for participating in the Triumph Loyalty program is to fill out the registration form in a Triumph store which is the member of the program. By filling out the loyalty form, our customers accept that Triumph’s marketing team can use their data for promotional and advertise purposes.
  • -There is no minimum buying limit for the usage of the Triumph Loyalty card, however the Triumph shop assistants can decide for whom they would like to offer to participate in the Loyalty Program
  • -The requirement for the participation is to read through the general participation information and to fill out its annex with correct, live data.
  • -The price reduction can be used just for full price products and it cannot be used with any other promotions.
  • -If there are any other promotions for our Loyal Customers, the participants can be part of the promotion in case of showing their Loyalty Cards
  • -The Triumph Loyalty Card is valid from the handing out until it is cancelled!

Triumph Loyalty Program shop list:

Bulgaria Mall Varna Varna 9000 186 Vl.Varnenchik blvd
Bulgaria Serdika Center Sofia 1505 48 Sitnyakovo blvd
Bulgaria 86 P.Evtimii Str. Sofia 1000 86 P.Evtimii Str.
Bulgaria Bulgaria Mall Sofia 1404 69 Bulgaria blvd
Bulgaria Paradise Mall Sofia 1407 100 Cherni vryh blvd
Bulgaria Vitosha Street Sofia 1000 23 Vitosha blvd
Bulgaria Mall Plovdiv Plovdiv 4002 8 Perustiza blvd
Bulgaria Mall Sofia Sofia 1303 101 Alexander Stambolijski blvd
Bulgaria Sky City Center Sofia 1000 52, Kosta Lulchev str, Sky City Center
Bulgaria Sopharma Towers Center Sofia 1517 5 Luchezar Stanchev blvd
Bulgaria Hrito G Danov Str. Plovdiv 4000 26 Hristo G. Danov Str.
Bulgaria Gurko Str. Dobrich 9300 3 Gurko Str.
Bulgaria Macedonia Str. Sandanski 2800 21 Makedonia Str.
Bulgaria Mall Russe Russe 7013 121D Lipnik blvd
Bulgaria 119 Zar Simeon Veliki blvd. Stara Zagora 6000 ul. Zar Simeon Veliki 119
Slovenia Europark Maribor 2000 Pobreska 18
Slovenia NC Velenjka Velenje 3320 Celjska cesta 40
Slovenia Citypark Ljubljana 1000 Šmartinska 152g