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    Katinka Poole

    Harbour Mirage


    The Sydney Opera House is an iconic architectural design that plays a key role in forming one of the most unique and dramatic city skylines in the world – and is set alongside the Harbour Bridge, on the famous Sydney Harbour.

    Whilst the design lines, shape, structure and detail of the lingerie were inspired by the architectural designs, the construction process and fabric selection remained true to traditional lingerie making techniques and materials.

    In appreciation of the seductive quality of fine lingerie, it seemed fitting to portray the icons as they appear at dusk, an hour that has come to symbolise romantic possibility. The studs that adorn the elastic bodice remain faithful to the original Harbour Bridge structure, which is held together by over six million iron rivets. The print created for the briefs offers a colourful, yet sensual reading of Sydney’s city lights as they reflect on the Harbour at night, and as a final tribute to Sydney’s iconic skyline, the lingerie is literally ›capped‹ off by a Centrepoint Tower hat.