Are you a stylist

    Iskren Iozanov

    Day and Night


    Pablo Picasso is the genius of 20th century art. He is an incredible artist and father of the modern
    expression. He personifies an exclusive vitality, energy, creativity and destructiveness, which is coded
    not only in his works but also in his life.
    His range goes beyond his genre. It goes towards analysis of the form. He creates expressive works
    of art. His style is marked by asperity and ferocity. His works are emotional. Picasso is an artist
    with an extraordinary imagination. What inspired me is the seeming back-breaking ease with which
    he works the form, which is so unusual that it absorbs the attention and provokes debates. But
    for him, the form has never had a separate meaning. By means of it he has conveyed his thoughts
    and feelings.
    Inspired by this, I want to create underwear which responds to feelings and specific emotions rather
    than looking for some kind of logic, to create a new reading of underwear as a fairy-play of forms
    and colors.