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    Andrea Tucker

    Believable Beauty


    My icon is Erte, Art Deco designer of the 1920s, most acclaimed for his work in Harper’s Bazaar.
    ›A woman who is downright plain can achieve the reputation of a beauty simply by announcing to
    everyone she meets that she is one.‹ said Erte. I found this quote to be profoundly inspirational and
    motivating, with its message regarding the power that a woman has over the image that she projects.
    The inspiration for my creation came from that quote and from the exquisite details that Erte used
    in his work. Erte-inspired details reflected in my design include tassels, buttoned flaps, buttoned
    stockings, pleats, feather trim and the pattern of the fabric.
    The woman wearing my creation will be a vision of confidence, femininity and glamorous fun. When
    you see my ›Believable Beauty‹, you will know that she is announcing to the world that she is one.
    My ›Believable Beauty‹ will not let you forget that there is a beautiful woman in the room.