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    Christina Højris Ottosen

    Charlie Chaplin


    My main inspiration has been the silhouette of Charlie Chaplin – instantly recognised by the all too tiny jacket and trousers that are far too big. It is a silhouette that is humorous in itself, which is something I’ve tried to express in the briefs, that – by way of using voluminous tulle – create a big and round shape, which is contrasted by a too-small bra, created with strong, clean-cut, emphasized lines. I have also worked with the feminine side of Charlie Chaplin, as in the small, fragile man who always gets himself in all sorts of trouble by way of his rather ›innocent‹ clumsiness. He is also very feminine compared to his male co-stars, which has made him very appealing as an inspiration for lingerie. In real life, he had the reputation of a womanizer and had a weakness for young women (virgins in particular), which – quite possibly – may have been a way for him to strengthen his own feelings of masculinity.