Are you a stylist

    Anton Hinkonen



    My design concept is entitled ›Amy‹ after the British singer Amy Winehouse, who also is the icon and inspiration for my outfit. The Amy Winehouse I’ve been creating in my mind is as provocative and outspoken as the real-world character, but maybe a bit more sexy and sultry. Amy Winehouse is all about attitude and as no stranger to tabloid magazine headlines, she’s one of a few remaining artists who truly is living the classic rock-star lifestyle. In my eyes, she is both genuine and fragile. I like her big-mouthed, straight-forward personality and in my opinion her battles add a human quality often missing among contemporary rock stars. The singer’s individual style is also larger than life with sailor’s tattoos and the 50’s inspired beehive hairdo. With my outfit, I wanted to translate Winehouse’s signature tattoos into appliquéd latex patterns remotely reminiscent of the ornaments seen in traditional Finnish dress. My goal was to give a cool rock’n’roll edge to something traditional and use latex in a new, more playful and girlish way compared to the clichéd fetish styles we’ve been seeing for a long time.