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    Vina Jung

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    My icon, Li-Tsin, felt physically inferior to Parisian women and was also subjected to racism. This is why I emphasized the backside, using foam rubber, to show the thirst for looking as slender and sexy as Parisian women. I also exaggerated the bottom, extending it as far as the waist, intending to express her desire to fight against obscurantism. As for the bra cups, the flesh colour and the white geometrical stitching with the navy blue and flesh coloured pants, are meant to express the clearness of her life once liberated from racism and the feeling of inferiority. Iron bar-shaped straps around the neck express the oppression she felt in France. I have used essential colours, unusual to Korean traditional costume, whose lines also inspire the accessories and pants length. The quality lace is inspired by patterns specific to French aristocracy at that time.