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    James Nolan

    Odette and Odile

    United Kingdom

    My main influence was the 1800’s crinoline. Body distortion fascinated me and it was my objective to make this dark subject beautiful. My icons needed to represent my ideas of manipulation, distortion and metamorphosis and the story of Swan Lake is perfect. The dance tells the tale of love and magic where a princess is turned into a swan by an evil magician. Dance has always influenced me and it was the mixture of distortion and movement that led me to think outside conventional lingerie. I wanted my lingerie to tell a story when it moved. The fabric had to be graceful in movement and reveal the human within. The historical shape of an upturned crinoline when a lady sat down revealing her bloomers and undergarments was an important reference and I felt the playful shape complemented the scale and mood of the bra. It became a metaphor for the swan princess, half woman, half swan. Odette is pure, Odile is evil.