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    Mairy Papageorgiou

    Centaurs on heels!


    I was inspired by the mythological creature centaur, who was half human and half animal. I wanted to see how an underwear showpiece could bear the inspiration from centaurs, in a unique way, and how it could fit on a woman's body. Centaur is an icon that has contradicting elements in it, and this is what inspired me. On the one hand, the magic feeling of having the opportunity to be something, that all the others would like to be but could not, while combining two different natures. And, on the other hand, the curse of having two opposite sides and could not decide which one is the most suitable for you. Centaur is the connection between two worlds that are different, but they share the same experiences. My showpiece combines my love for horses with Greek mythology and I believe all the people will react with the same excitement while looking at it, as I did while creating it.