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    Ami Nip

    Double Happiness

    Hong Kong

    This Collection is titled ›Xi‹. This word is formed with the repeated Chinese character for ›happy‹. In Chinese society, Xi is an icon of marriage. Chinese believed that if you can find the ›right one‹, the happiness you feel will be doubled. I think this word is very funny in structure, while the concept behind it is meaningful and similar to the relationship between women and bras. That’s why I choose this word as my icon. I believe every woman wishes to find her own perfect bra that can give her full support and protection, but the perfect match is difficult for her to find. So, in my design, I want to express the close relationship between undergarments and women, and give thanks for the happiness that undergarments bring. My ›Xi‹ is a two-piece intimate apparel, with a half-cup wired bra on the top and a low-waisted panty at the bottom. I used a lot of Chinese elements, like embroideries and bright red colors. I was also inspired from Chinese traditional clothing: the cheongsam. I tried to make the intimate apparel with cheongsam style, as they both have similarities. They are close fitting and well covered, but still sexy. I modified some parts of the cheongsam, like the collar and neckline, and finally all these parts, together with the side opening of the bra, give my design the cheongsam appearance. Meanwhile, the fringes with changing colors emphasize movement and give a happy feeling.