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    Emanuele Caldarera

    A global, international, equilizing icon: Light


    A global, international, equalizing icon: light. This is the most iconic concept that associates all people together. The one on which everything and everyone indiscriminately depends. It is an absolute, positive and objective value with a very significant symbolic meaning. It is a true icon, so powerful, so magical, so honest and enigmatic, in which the body is immersed and is lost, like in a fascinating maternal embrace. The organic body that comes from the evolutive combination of light and water keeps a mysterious energy in itself. A fragment of that light, the ›liquid‹ form, speaks about the Soul. In the womb of the Woman, the sacred temple of life, the spirit finds the gap between the material world and the unfathomable dimension of the supernatural. And at the moment of conception, those two lightening sources meet again in a wonderful miraculous union.