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    Sachino Kurosu

    Sprouting Lingerie


    ›Sprouting‹ represents good luck in Japan, so I’d like to design lingerie which brings good luck. I considered the fresh, juvenescent image of a cabbage as the basis and thought there was a metaphor here that could be applied to the youth of today, hoping that they too will ›sprout‹ with success. The multiple layers give the impression of new leaves continuously sprouting. The form and colour are reminiscent of a young cabbage in the process of becoming a fresher, brighter green. The biggest challenge was dyeing the fabric the fresh green colour of cabbages. I made a special effort to find a combination of blue and yellow dyes, and by dyeing the fabric in three separate stages, I got the colour I wanted. Another challenge was applying the beads. I had to be extra careful to make it stunning, without losing sight of the intended form. I hope that everyone gets a strong sense of Japanese elements from my design.