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    Eugene NG Sian Kuan


    Save Anna


    I’ve chosen Anna Wintour, the US Vogue Magazine editor, as my icon because of her being a powerful fashion icon in the fashion industry. I also chose her for her love and passion for fur and at the same time because she is an influential individual to many readers all over the world. This design is especially dedicated to Anna because the entire piece is made of 100% faux materials which resemble many different kinds of animal being sacrificed in the fashion industry. With this, I also hope that she will share the message with readers that faux materials are equally beautiful, sexy, seductive and just as real, as she has the power to save many animals being sacrificed in the name of fashion. Because when the demand stops, there shall be no more sacrifice. It is important for all of us to believe that to be ›Glamorous with a mercy heart is the most powerful fashion sense‹.