Are you a stylist

    Katinka Feijs



    My icon is Venus. I did research on who she is, what she is, what she means as a symbol, where she comes from etc. The thing I found out was that her nakedness and her femininity are very important. Nakedness has to do with skin. One of my entries became skin. I found a beautiful photo of the palm of a hand, which shows the skin structure in detail. It inspired me to go on with skin structures. The other picture I found, which inspired me, was the picture of a woman in mosaic. All the pieces had different skin colors. The next step was to do some research on skin structure, what it looks like, how can I suggest it, and I also did research on the different tones of the human skin. In my design I wanted to incorporate skin structures and the different skin tones. I tried a lot of different things, but my final design became a body, showing the structure of the skin, which can wrinkle or pull in some places. With 5 different fabrics that I found, I created different skin tones. But my design still also represents my icon Venus!