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    Ninette Bøhmer

    Chaos control


    The person I look upon as an icon is Zaha Hadid. She is an architect who is known for pushing boundaries. She has really become present in terms of the architectural change that has happened during the past period of time. Her buildings show her fascination with nature and express the moment – who and what we are right now. Mainly, Hadid’s work has been the inspiration source of the collection, through her use of constructivism, futurism and techniques like carving, layering and using ›the void‹ (as she calls it). She is an experimental architect who uses different forms, and especially the use of organic lines, in architecture. Her persona is an inspiration in itself. She is a very strong woman who really has travelled in her own direction, and with great success. She is called ›The diva of architecture‹ – which really speaks for itself, especially as a talented woman in a male dominated field. I have used her methods of carving technique to create the underwear. This, in a way, is making new structures and space – which again, is one of Hadid’s main goals.