Are you a stylist

    Mónica Serrão

    I bet you’ll make it up


    Betty Boop, undoubtedly a timeless icon, expresses sensuality and femininity. When she was created in the Thirties, she reflected the spirit of the divas of her time, being an independent and provocative girl, with a sexy, dashing style and a feminine childlike voice. Betty Boop has had a troubled life – she was censored several times because of showing her legs and her greatly provocative low neckline. However, that didn’t drive her out of success, as a matter of fact her irreverence only gave her character more strength and nowadays persons of each gender and all ages appreciate her. Today, she embodies the modern, feminine, sensual and bold woman, who at the same time is independent and self-assured. I was inspired by several elements, like her physical and psychological characteristics, the pearls and the make-up, to create sensual and comfortable lingerie that reflects the spirit of the modern woman.