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    Tini Andersson

    Milton’s triumph


    I’ve been inspired by Milton, the most famous show jumping horse of all times. The white horse with star qualities, as very few before him possessed, was bought by a man who paid a ridiculous sum to have him. He passed him on to his daughter, Caroline Bradley, who trained Milton, and they started to show jump together. She really believed in her young stallion and friend. But, when Caroline died as a young woman, Milton was moved to stay with John Whitaker. Together with John, he came to take it all. He, Milton, started to win and he collected prize money in amounts that no show jumping horse had done before. When I see documentaries about Milton, I cannot forget his loss of Caroline, and that somehow her spirit continued to live through him. The energy that surrounded him was a kind of magic. When he died in 1999, he left the arena empty and the fact that he left no progeny behind allows us to call him ›The One and Only‹. The colours of my outfit come from the white Milton, natural leather and John Whitaker with his red jacket. I’ve worked to combine feminine, masculine and horse in a tasteful way. The yellow and blue is a symbol of Milton’s TRIUMPH.