Are you a stylist

    Jennifer Gadient



    My concept is based on the idea of the hula hoop – a game well known around the world. Although
    I was not really interested in the physical influence or facts so far, I am now especially fascinated by
    the pep that is caused by the movement of the hips and by the centrifugal force.
    In my concept I give importance to the relief of heavy, stressed parts of the body. Therefore, I am
    searching for new connecting lines. With plastic tubes, I managed to alter the pressure and the weight
    that normally burden the body, into a tenseness that flows around it.
    The result is a convenient and comfortable construction. Through their simplicity and the accurately
    chosen layout of the lines, a very own aesthetic is formed. The body becomes more enveloped than
    wrapped. Lines are closed in themselves without a beginning or an end. They circle around the body
    and offer their own free and bounteous space.