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    Jung Ju Yeh

    God of protection – aboriginal tribe revived


    My creative piece is inspired by Hundred-Pace Snake. In ancient myths, the Hundred-Pace Snake is the god who protects the people of the Paiwan tribe, one of the aboriginal tribes in south Taiwan. Paiwan tribesmen use the Snake as their totem. They carve and paint images of the Snake onto their houses and weapons, as well as onto various kinds of utensils, such as spoons and pots. Paiwan tribesmen have a well-developed carving art, shown in their Hundred-Pace Snake totem. Things carved or painted with the images of the Snake are considered to be holy. The Snake has become the holy totem of Paiwan. I adopted the Snake totem for my lingerie design. Just like the holy image of the Snake for Paiwan, lingerie is designed to protect a woman’s body, that’s why I adopted the Snake totem for my creative concept.