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    Jewana Kim Lee

    Frida Kahlo: pain & passion


    I wanted an icon that could inspire me with more than just her beauty, in order to create a design that would be emotionally stimulating. That’s why I chose Frida Kahlo, a woman of passion and strength and pain. My main sources are her paintings. Black and red are used for this collection. Many people associate red with blood & pain, fire & passion, and black with night, darkness & mystery. My final designs are the sum of all the things that I associate with Frida. The materials were picked to reflect the emotions I wanted to best capture. So, for example, I used black cable wire because it has the raw, almost coarse quality of beauty I associate with Frida. The design itself represents a bird upside down, using the wings as bra cups and tails to frame the neck like the costumes of ›gothic queens‹. Other reasons are that a bird upside down looks beautifully sad, at least to me, like a falling, dying bird. The looped ribbons were added later as it was more transparent before. I decided it is more favourable to the look of my design to be softened, as the loops also give the illusion of feathers.