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Global Social Compliance Programme (GSCP)

Triumph has also joined the Global Social Compliance Programme (GSCP). Although the GSCP equally aims at contributing to the continuous improvement of working and environmental conditions in global supply chains, it follows a different approach. It was founded as a response to the proliferation of standards and monitoring systems that are often similar in essence but do not recognise each other. This situation is therefore causing redundant auditing of factories which have multiple clients.


The GSCP supports existing systems by helping other organisations identify, share and implement best practices in social and environmental compliance. The Programme is not another monitoring initiative, nor a substitute to existing systems. Rather, it provides a platform where differences between existing systems can be aired, discussed and reconciled in order to move towards convergence, while preserving each system’s specificity. To this effect, the GSCP has developed a set of Reference tools and models gathering cross-sectoral best practices and The Equivalence Process, which is a benchmarking process allowing standards to compare and seek improvement and harmonisation.


The GSCP is ultimately working towards remediation of root causes to non-compliances. The Programme supports remediation through the development of collaborative approaches to capacity building at production site level, and the launch of working groups to tackle onground topics requiring cross-industry guidelines.


Triumph very much supports the aims of the GSCP and will contribute to putting the focus on achieving progress and advancing towards a common approach.