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Social Compliance at the Factories of Third Party Suppliers

Triumph expects our third party suppliers of finished goods garments to fully comply with the same requirements that bind our own factories. Triumph has an internal policy that outlines exactly the process of approval concerning social compliance for new and existing suppliers. Our sourcing teams are trained accordingly; the entire process is centrally monitored and supported continuously.


All our finished goods garments suppliers have to go through independent external audits regularly in order to ensure that they meet the requirements outlined in our Codes of Conduct. Results are being analysed, and wherever non-compliance is found, it must be remedied within a certain period of time. Results are then examined by a follow-up audit. If the requirements are still not fulfilled, sufficient improvements cannot be seen or dialogue is not successful, we disengage from business with the respective supplier - something that is rarely necessary. New suppliers have to go through a complete approval process before we start working with them.