Forever Young

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Forever Young

Body, face and mind… women love the notion of staying young and looking radiant at every stage of their life. That’s why Triumph has created Forever Young, a new collection designed specifically for a timeless, youthful look with perfect shape and support at every stage of your life.

Available in a pretty palette of Autumn shades (Teal, Aubergine, Midnight Blue, and Nude) Forever Young instantly transforms your décolleté by simply wearing this Natural Support bra. Factors such as extreme comfort, superb fit, non-slip straps and lasting support provide extra assurance and all-day confidence.


Recommended Price

PHP 1600

Fabric Composition

65% Polyamid, 25% Elastane, 10% Polyester


  • Teal
  • Aubergine
  • Nude
  • Midnight Blue