Lingerie ABC

Lingerie ABC

By using the keyboard, click on the letter of your search word i.e. 'H' if you are looking for 'halterneck'. The definition for this term will then appear alongside the selected word.

  1. Autosoft Concept

    A new procedure in which very fine micro threads are worked into the edge of the lace, making lingerie invisible under tight-fitting clothes. Great elasticity adapts to the body´s movements ensuring lingerie retains its shape throughout the day and guarantees a perfect fit.

  2. Allover lace

    Lovely laces, always elegant, one of Triumph’s most successful fashion collections, refreshed with new colours and styles every season.

  3. Amourette

    Lovely laces, always elegant, one of Triumph's most succesful fashion collections, refreshed with new colours and styles every season.

  4. Appliqué

    Lace, embroidery or additional fabric is sewn or bonded onto the base fabric to create a three-dimensional finish.

  1. Bridge

    Holds bra cups together. The higher the bridge, the greater the shaping and support.

  2. Brief

    Everybody knows they're knickers, but there are several shapes with different names. (see tai, string etc)

  3. Bra

    Short for brassiere.

  4. Body

    One-piece garment that fits like a second skin, creating a smooth look under clothes.

  5. Balconette bra

    Straps are positioned on the outside edge of the cup, revealing the décolleté. Perfect for wide necklines.

  6. Bandeau bra

    A strapless bra with a straight silhouette, sometimes with detachable straps, excellent under off the shoulder dresses or T-shirts.

  1. Cleavage

    Emphasised bust shape usually created by a push-up bra. Check out Triumph's Curves range.

  2. Collection

    As well as all ongoing ranges and best sellers, there are always two brand new collections each year, for Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter. 'Spring' starts in January and 'Autumn' in August.

  3. Cup

    The part of the bra that covers and supports the breast.

  4. Cottylene®

    Triumph’s registered name for a stretch fabric with cotton content. Cottylene® combines the positive properties of synthetics and cotton with the cotton generally on the inside of the material, next to the skin.

  5. Cotton

    Natural fibre from the cotton plant that’s easy to wear and care for. Cotton textiles are soft, cosy, fine and breathable, absorb moisture and don’t become `static´. Different qualities are dictated by how long and how fine the fibre is spun. The longer and finer, the more valuable cotton becomes.

  6. Charmeuse

    Silky smooth lingerie fabric, different on each side.

  1. Dorlastan

    Registered name for an elastane thread from Bayer.

  2. Dessous

    French for “worn underneath”, now the fashionable description for ladies´ fine underwear.

  3. Décolleté Bra

    See Balconette bra.

  1. Elastane

    Generic term for every synthetic stretch fibre, all extremely elastic with great shape retention and a long life. Triumph uses these properties to maximum effect.

  2. Embroidery

    Stitches embroidered onto a background fabric by a knitting machine.

  3. Eyelet embroidery

    Also known as Madeira embroidery. An awl creates holes in the fabric, then knitting machine needles embroider around the edges of each hole.

  1. Guipure embroidery

    Created by covering the base fabric with stitching to form a continuous pattern then, using chemicals, heat treatment and washing, the background fabric is dissolved so that only the embroidery remains. Very time consuming and labour intensive, Guipure is very expensive.

  2. G-string

    Assumed to be named after the finest string on a violin, g-string refers to any brief with a 'string' or thong back (see thong and string brief).

  3. Galloon lace

    Narrow lace scalloped on both edges. Can be woven, knitted or embroidered, stretchy or rigid.

  1. Hidden Wire

    The underwire is hidden within the fabric, so it’s absolutely invisible and can hardly be felt.

  2. Halterneck

    Fastened by a single strap at the nape of the neck.

  1. Invisible underwear

    Perfect fitting underwear that can hardly be seen, using, among others, the Autosoft concept where the finest micro stretch threads are woven into the lace, right up to the edge for the smoothest ever line under clothes.

  1. Jacquardtronic-lace

    Lace created using modern machines with electronic steering that create the look of sophisticated woven lace.

  2. Jacquard

    Fabric with beautiful woven-in patterns. Using different yarns the pattern can be `lifted´ for a textured effect, a very time-consuming and labour-intensive process.

  1. Knitted fabrics

    Produced on a knitting machine, they have a natural stretch.

  1. Leavers lace

    The first lace produced on machines, uses a twist or weaving technique resulting in an elegant finish. These machines are no longer made and those that still exist work slowly and are costly to run, so this luxurious lace is now very expensive to manufacture.

  2. LYCRA®

    An Elastane "stretch" thread.

  3. Lace

    The first laces came from Italy in the 15th Century and were quickly distributed throughout Western Europe, which became a global centre for lace-making that still exists, though on a much smaller scale, today. France is famous for woven laces, embroidery laces come mostly from Switzerland and Austria, while Germany became famous after the war for burnt-out-lace. Before then laces were made by hand which was so labour intensive, they were only available to the rich.

  1. Multi-way straps

    Also known as variable straps (see V).

  2. Moulded cups

    Cups without seams, invisible under clothes. A heat and pressure process moulds fabric permanently into shape. Triumph has many years experience using this technique and our environment-friendly process plays a leading role in the marketplace.

  3. Modal

    Modified cellulose fibre made entirely from plants, feels similar to cotton.

  4. Minimiser

    A minimiser bra reduces the appearance of the bust by one cup size.

  5. Micro modal

    An extremely fine-spun cellulose fibre approximately 40 times finer than a human hair so that a 10,000-metre continuous fibre can weigh just one gramme or LESS.

  6. Micro fibre

    Threads made from polyester and polyamide, finer than the finest silk thread. Light, superfine fibres that are particularly soft, pliable and pleasant on the skin, offering maximum comfort.

  7. Meryl®

    Fine fibre technology in polyamide, registered by Nylstar.

  8. Mercerising

    Super combed Maco cotton is treated with a cold caustic soda solution. The fibres expand and become tight so their profile becomes rounded and the surface smooth.

  9. Maximiser bra

    A bra that makes the bust appear bigger - usually a push-up style that enhances cleavage.

  1. Push-up-bra

    Visibly increases the size of the bust, creating a cleavage and therefore guaranteeing a beautiful neckline.

  1. Quality control

    Second to none at Triumph. We pride ourselves on the very highest quality control standards.

  1. Raschel lace

    Made using a special process that creates knitted stitches. The more thread systems used, the more impressive the pattern. Can be stretchy or rigid lace.

  1. Suspender

    Holds up stockings, sometimes detachable, increasingly popular since the launch of the hit movie Moulin Rouge.

  2. String brief

    see G-string.

  3. Softwear

    Triumph’s high-tech, high profile, revolutionary Softwear collection made its debut at the end of the Nineties and continues to win attention for great styling, brilliant shapes - and `disappearing´ under clothes!

  4. Silicon

    Used as a 'gripper' band to prevent slippage, especially in strapless bras.

  5. Seamless cups

    See Moulded.

  6. Seamless

    Innovative circular knitting techniques have allowed seamless production of briefs and tops that fit like a second skin.

  7. Satin

    Smooth fabric, shiny on the outside and with a silky drape, can be stretch or non-stretch.

  1. Thong

    See G-string.

  2. Tulle

    A fine open base fabric with a honeycomb structure. Can be woven or knitted.

  3. Trenslo stays

    Pliable stiffeners sewn into the side of a bra - known as the wing - for strengthening and shaping, preventing the breast from moving sideways or the wing of the bra rolling or going out of shape. Also used in bustiers.

  4. Textronic lace

    Development following on from Jacquardtronic lace with plastic patterns that create an embroidery effect.

  5. Tanga

    Brief with very narrow fabric, elastic or ribbon side panels.

  6. Tai

    Brief that fits up to the waist.

  1. Underwired bra

    Underwire is sewn into the bra to lift and shape the bust. Particularly suitable for larger cup sizes.

  2. Underbust width

    Measured in centimetres or inches, this gives the bra size i.e. 70, 75, 80 or 32, 34, 36. The difference between the upper- and underbust width gives the cup size i.e. A, B, C etc.

  1. Viscose

    Made from cellulose, usually from beech or pinewood trees, this synthetic fabrics has a particular sheen and soft feel.

  2. Variable straps

    Also known as multi-way straps, using a single set of straps in a variety of positions. A number of shapes can be achieved, for example halter, cross-back, standard and strapless.