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Shape Sensation

Achieving smooth, taut and toned curves is now as simple as putting on Triumph’s futuristic new Shape Sensation collection, a new genre in firming body wear that transforms your profile while it provides cosmetic benefits to your skin.

Made from scientifically-advanced Novarel® Firming Fabric, the stunning Shape Sensation pieces work to soften, lift and moisturize your skin as you wear it, marking the arrival of a new era of wearable cosmetics!

A pioneering new breakthrough in textile technology has allowed revolutionary Novarel® firming fabrics to deliver to women the dual benefits of instantly whipping their curves into smoother shape AND imparting real physical benefits to their body at the same time. The modern-designed Shape Sensation pieces improve the appearance of outer garments and instantly create a slimming effect, whilst tiny micro capsules from within the fabric release active components directly to the skin visibly improving elasticity and firmness. The microencapsulation continues to be effective for up 100 washes. Triumph’s new Shape Sensation - incredible shaping and skincare, all in one!

The wonderfully lightweight fabrics are extremely comfortable, so they don’t restrict body movement, allowing women to feel fabulous about themselves all day long. Smooth, sexy, elegant lines mould their body for a smoother, more appealing profile, letting them enjoy fashion to the fullest and express their individual style.

Experience the seamless perfection of Shape Sensation and let its magic work for you too…


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