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With the annual contest “Triumph Inspiration Award” the company invites young fashion-design students around the world to go on a very personal journey of creativity: Under a yearly changing motto Triumph challenges design students using all their talent, artistic vision and inspiration to create a unique lingerie set. For the Triumph Inspiration Award ‘09, all participating students are asked to interpret the design motto “Icons.

The Triumph Inspiration Award aims at giving young creative talents a glimpse at the fascinating world of lingerie, encouraging talent and above all to inspire, so that in turn, these future designers can go on to inspire others
Triumph offers the winner of the Award the adaptation and realization of the winning showpiece into a commercial garment. The garment will be produced in a limited edition and sold in selected Triumph stores worldwide featuring the winner’s name.

Here at Triumph we really believe that lingerie is the most fascinating area of design, with a result powerful enough to evoke all manner of emotions. Lingerie can make a woman feel almost anything from purely comfortable and at ease to confident, sensual or sexy. Lingerie is an expression of our most personal style and: It is the first thing you put on and the last thing you take off.

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