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Triumph Shape Sensation Fashion Show 2012

Triumph Holds “Get Shape Get Gorgeous Roadshow” to Introduce
Model/Stylist Eh Sasikan to Work Styling Magic on Celebrity Guests, 
Show How to Achieve Perfectly Gorgeous Figure Instantly

Think a beautiful figure is one that’s tall and slender a la runway models? Think again. A beautiful figure is one that is well-toned and well-proportioned, allowing a woman to carry any outfit she chooses with confidence. To help women achieve the body they have always dreamed of, Triumph International (Thailand) Ltd., the market leader in lingerie and swimwear is slated to unveil the Triumph SHAPE SENSATION Spring/Summer collection at a February 17 event at the Lingerie Salon, Level 1, Siam Paragon shopping complex. Designed to complement the season’s outerwear trends, the colorful new collection further reinforces Triumph’s position as the market leader in shapewear.

For this event, Triumph has enlisted fashion-savvy actress, model and singer Sasikan “Eh” Apichatvorasilp to give fashion tips to five celebrity guests with different body types.

Highlights of the Get Shape Get Gorgeous Roadshow include a fashion show of the SHAPE SENSATION Spring/Summer 2012 collection, body shape analysis using Triumph’s proprietary Shape Identification Programme, and advice-giving on choosing the right shapewear for your body. Sasikan “Eh” Apichatvorasilp will be on hand to share tips on matching inner and outerwear and on choosing the right designs from the SHAPE SENSATION collection to conceal, correct and enhance the body, with celebrity guests with different body types as her styling “clients”. They are:

• Natthaveeranuch “Ja” Thongmee – Y Shape (wide on top, narrow on the bottom): Typical athlete’s build with a strong upper body and broader shoulders but less definition between the waist and the hips.
• Sirinuch “Jan” Rojanasatien – S Shape (perfectly curvy): Well-proportioned with a small, well-defined waist and rounded buttocks forming an S-curve.
• Pijitra “Jeab” Sirivechapan – I Shape (straight up and down silhouette): The classic straight figure with little curves will benefit from curve-enhancing shapewear.
• Kristina Sethaputra – O Shape (widest in the middle): With some enhancement or reduction in the right place, O-shaped bodies will become better-proportioned and more defined around the waist.
• Ratha “Yaya Ying” Phongam – A Shape (narrow on top, wide on the bottom: Prominent hips and upper leg area, with a narrow bust line and slightly narrower shoulders.

Triumph’s Shape Experts will be on hand to give advice on how to choose the right shapewear to help achieve a sculpted, well-proportioned body as well as the proper way to care for your shapewear. Available in sizes XS to XL, the SHAPE SENSATION Collection offers a secret weapon that can instantly transform a problem figure into one that is naturally beautiful and alluring, regardless of size and body type.


Get Shape, Get Gorgeous Press Workshop

Triumph Introduces New Shapewear Collection

SHAPE SENSATION Features Body Sculpting Innovations

To Help Women Achieve the Perfect Shape Instantly

Triumph International (Thailand) Ltd., hosted a press event at S31 Hotel to introduce its new shapewear collection, SHAPE SENSATION. Dubbed “Get Shape Get Gorgeous,” the event put the spotlight on Triumph’s latest innovations, designed to enhance and define women’s curves and put their natural beauty in the best possible light.

Triumph’s new shapewear collection, SHAPE SENSATION represents the latest in lingerie innovation, using highly functional fabrics to shape and sculpt the wearer’s body. With the perfect combination of shaping function, best fitting pattern and fashion forward design, products from this collection help enhance your body in four different ways: enhancing your bust, defining your waist, smoothing your tummy, and enhancing and shaping your hips and thigh. SHAPE SENSATION is the secret to a beautiful, well-proportioned body. The right shapewear can transform a woman’s body in the blink of an eye, making it look naturally perfect and giving the wearer the confidence to flaunt their curves. With SHAPE SENSATION she will have fun dressing up again without feeling self-conscious or uncomfortable, and this will help her to enjoy exploring her body’s natural allure.

SHAPE SENSATION’s unique strengths lie in the use of innovative, highly functional, get incredibly soft fabrics that provide the perfect fit for all body shapes without causing discomfort. A wide selection of styles is available for every occasion and need. Moreover, the fashionable designs, color schemes and patterns make every product from this collection blend in easily with and complement your outerwear.

To help women choose the right shapewear for their body and maximize results and satisfaction, Triumph offers the following guideline for identifying your shape:

•Y Shape (wide on top, narrow on the bottom): Typical athlete’s build, with a strong upper body and slightly broader shoulders but less definition between the waist and the hips. Recommended shapewear: Medium Control Shirt and Long Corset to reduce extra flab and sculpt and smooth tummy area.

•O Shape (widest in the middle): With little variation between shoulder, waist and hip measurements,  O-shaped bodies will benefit from some enhancement or reduction in the right places. Recommended shapewear: Long Corset and Long Leg Panty to tone and trim your sides, tummy, hips and thighs.

•S Shape (perfectly curvy): The classic figure, with a small, well-defined waist and rounded buttocks forming an S-curve. Recommended shapewear: Short Corset and High Waist Panty to enhance your bust line, trim your sides and sculpt your buttocks. 

•I Shape (straight up and down silhouette): The so-called ‘tomboy’ build with little curves. Recommended: Corset and High Waist Panty to accentuate contours, enhance the shoulders and bust line, trim your sides, sculpt your tummy, and add more definition to your waist.

•A Shape (narrow on top, wide on the bottom): Prominent hip and upper legs area, with narrow bust line and slightly narrower shoulders. Recommended: High Waist Panty and Long Leg Panty to add more definition to the waist, tone the tummy, hips and thighs.

The “Get Shape Get Gorgeous” press event featured a briefing on the innovations behind the SHAPE SENSATION collection, a consulting session with Triumph’s team of “Shape Experts,” and a hands-on body sculpting session, where members of the press were invited to try on products from the collection and given tips for choosing the right shapewear. Following the session, participants donned Vatitti daywear and eveningwear on top of their chosen SHAPE SENSATION pieces and posed for a portrait session with ace fashion photographer Amat Nimitpark. A compel make over look with SHAPE SENSATION all possible! 

Have questions about shapes? Dreaming of the perfect body? Talk to Triumph’s Shape Experts and get advice on shapewear selection and the right way to care for it at any Triumph Boutique and counter. For more information about the collection or to view the SHAPE SENSATION catalogue, go to or 

Triumph 125th Anniversary

TRIUMPH Celebrates 125 Years as Lingerie Trendsetter

With Retrospective Fashion Show on July 28

Featuring Styles from Earliest Days to Latest Body-Flattering Collection

Inner garments have always been an important part of a woman’s wardrobe. Over the years, the role and importance of inner garments have fluctuated with the times, women’s own needs, and constant changes in fashion trends, technology and material innovations.

From humble beginnings in 1886, with just six employees and six sewing machines in a small barn, over the past 125 years Triumph International has established itself as one of the world’s top lingerie makers. Today the company continues to innovate with women’s needs in mind, exploring new inspirations and tailoring techniques and creating designs that suit their lifestyles, in order to make lingerie that are trusted and accepted by women all over the world.

To celebrate Triumph’s 125th Anniversary, Triumph International (Thailand) Ltd., presents a retrospective journey through Triumph’s long and successful history at a party on Thursday, July 28 at Chadra Ballroom, Siam Kempinski Hotel Bangkok. Offering a look at Triumph’s contributions to the development of feminine undergarments through the ages, the event’s highlight is a retrospective fashion show featuring selections of lingerie from various periods, from Triumph’s earliest days to its latest collection, all the results of innovative ideas spearheaded by the company.

Chak Chalermchaikij, General Manager, Triumph International (Thailand) Ltd., Thailand’s leader in lingerie and swimwear, comments that the event presents a retrospective look at past designs, patterns and tailoring techniques, which together form an answer to the question why Triumph is the choice of women around world. The event also seeks to present a closer look at stories and milestones from the company’s 125-year history, so that members of the public will get to know the multi-faceted company better.

“Triumph is a world leader in lingerie and shapeware,” says Chak. “Women around the world choose Triumph not only for its outstanding craftsmanship, fit, and innovation, but also for the way it makes them look and feel: fashionable and confidently sexy. This is reflected in Triumph’s position as a fashion leader and our ability to meet the diverse needs of today’s consumers.

“Triumph’s key to success,” Chak goes on to say, “is our ability to fulfill the needs of regional markets by developing and producing products that meet the needs of the wearer in terms of pattern, size, design and material. Today we can confidently say that Triumph remains the one European brand that designs and produces the best-fitting lingerie for Asian women. We offer products and styles for every taste, with selections that help enhance the wearer’s confidence. By offering products that accentuate a woman’s best assets, and by emphasizing meticulous attention to detail, wholehearted dedication to the lingerie trade, and ongoing inspiration, the brand is able to create lingerie that appeals to women throughout their lifetimes.”  

To celebrate the brand’s 125 years of creativity and innovation, Triumph is dedicating itself to continually setting industrial standard by creating perfectly fitting lingerie based on in-depth knowledge and understanding of the female form, says Chak. As the global leader in innerwear, Triumph will continue to uphold its track record of global success in the manufacturing and trading of modern and satisfying products that represent the pinnacle of lingerie and innerwear development in countries around the world.

Triumph 125th Anniversary party highlights the qualities that set the company apart - Innovative, Fashionable, Creative and Impressive – by way of a retrospective exhibition and a fashion show that traces Triumph’s leadership in feminine innerwear from 1886 to the present. The fashion show takes the form of a stage performance featuring 125 sets of Triumph lingerie and a surprise appearance by legendary sex icon Penpak Sirikul and sexy pop star Kathareeya English. The show comprises six separate sets representing six periods in Triumph’s history:

1st Set: 1886-1949

- “Royal Lacing”: Anything that stood in the way of an s-shaped silhouette was laces out of sight. The bust and the bottom were accentuated, the waist and the hips were tightly pulled into shape, in line with the ideal of regal beauty during the time of the German Empire and across Europe. 

- “Golden Twenties”: Lighter corsets were modernised. Triumph successfully manufactured products with ever-fewer seams.

- Following the Great Depression in 1929, stylish elegance replaced sophisticated chic. Triumph launched the first strapless corset and further innovations such as the first bras with front closing and adjustable straps. 

2nd Set: 1950–1960

- 1953: Launch of the “Fitted Fifties” following the introduction of the “New Look,” an emphasis on feminine forms. Corsets made a comeback.

- 1954: Triumph introduced a bra strap made with stretch yarns.

- 1956: Triumph began its long-lasting collaboration with German couturier Heinz Oestergaard and established fashion shows – for the first time the models did not wear leotards under the garments but march past the audience with the lingerie on their bare skin

- 1960: The Swinging Sixties began.

- 1966: Triumph launched the “Doreen” style , made of polyamide with 15% elastane.

- 1967: Triumph became the first lingerie maker to use the molded cup technique to eliminate the need for seams.

- 1962: Triumph began production of bikinis and swimsuits. Advertising also moved in a new direction targeting the self-assured woman.

3rd Set: 1970–1990

- The Wild Seventies came with a new lightness. Triumph developed extremely thin and light fabrics using Lycra and nylon. The glamorous “Triumph 70 Fashion Show,” the biggest fashion show ever seen at the time, toured through Europe and Asia; altogether the Triumph runway covered a distance of more than 25,000 km.

- At the end of the 1970s the sloggi brand was introduced during the time of “The Cotton Revolution,” the brand offered bras and briefs made with particularly soft cotton, providing figure-hugging and wrinkle-free. 

- Youth and sexual freedom became important advertising themes for Triumph: beauty, sexuality and sensuality were depicted realistically and a fully transparent bra was advertised in Germany with the slogan “So what? – The body is in fashion”.

- To gain access to high-end customers with luxury lifestyles, Triumph took over the French men’s underwear brand HOM in 1986, followed by the purchase of the iconic women’s lingerie brand Valisere in 1990. 

4h Set: 1990–2000

- 1990: The Feel-Good Decade – A Longing for Nature. Triumph had already banned the excessive use of chemicals in production processes. This year high-quality organic cotton, along with nickel-free hooks and eyes, came into use while shoulder pads disappeared and the push-up bra flourished. 

- 1998: Triumph launched the “Simply Soft”: a seamless bra molded using ultrasonic heat to join the seams; once worn, it adapts to the wearer’s shape without unsightly seams. 

5th Set : 2000s

- 2000: A craze for the Maximizer, a push-up bra, spread among Asian women while European women sought the Minimizer bra, which optically reduces the bust by one cup size and offers superior support and comfort.

- 2003: Triumph “Form & Beauty” range introduced the telescopic under-wiring for the highest level of comfort when moving.

- 2008: “Triumph Inspiration Award” (TIA) created to offer talented young designers around the world a chance to make a name for themselves in the world of fashion.

- 2011: As the company celebrates 125 years of creativity and innovation, Triumph continues to set industry standard by emphasising the ability to produce perfectly fitting lingerie based on in-depth knowledge and understanding of the female form. As a leader in the global lingerie market, Triumph continues to uphold its successful track record of manufacturing and marketing modern and satisfying products that represent the cutting edge of lingerie development in countries around the world.

The sixth and final set of the show, The Future – Shape Sensation features the latest shapewear collection created by Triumph for women around the world. Shape Sensation represents a revolution curve creation, perfectly joining function and fashion together, designed to let women enjoy flaunting their curves, feel confident in any outfit and eliminate concerns about their body. As the army of models parades down the runway in Shape Sensation designs, ladies in the audience will find that Shape Sensation truly enhances a woman’s confidence and emboldens her to flaunt her perfect shape.

In addition to the party, the Thai operation commemorates Triumph’s important milestone with a year-long series of corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities designed to encourage employees to give back to society. These include a bra donation drive to benefit female convicts, free bra measurement service by experts at all Triumph shops and counters, The most important activity, however, is a special “give back “ promotion “Big Thanks & Celebration: 125 for Women,” in which the first 50 customers who visit participating Triumph shops and counters on Friday, August 12 (one day only), are entitled to buy any Triumph lingerie of their choice for only 125 baht.

The promotion is available at all Triumph Boutique nationwide, Triumph counters at Paragon Department Store, The Emporium, Central Department Store, Robinson, and The Mall. Come help us celebrate our 125th Anniversary in style!

Triumph Inspiration Award 2011

Lily Cole presents the most beautiful lingerie piece of the year
Boglárka Bódis from Hungary wins young talent Award in Berlin

Munich, July 7th 2011 –The finale of this year’s Triumph inspiration award took place last night during the Berlin fashion week. In a festive fashion show with 500 invited international guests from the business, fashion and society industries at the E-Werk in Berlin, 37 students from just as many countries presented their lingerie creations with which they had already won the state-wide contests. All designs have been inspired by the design theme “125 years of celebrating women”, chosen for the occasion of the 125th anniversary Triumph is celebrating this year.

The Award was hosted by the famous British TV and radio presenter George Lamb and judged by a top-class panel: model and actress Lily Cole, the star photographer Ellen von Unwerth, the model and photographer as well as face and ambassador of Triumph Essence Helena Christensen, the international singer Coco Lee, the owner and CEO of the Premium Exhibition GmbH Anita Tillmann and Jos Berry who is Brand Executive Director for Triumph.

At 10pm and after the preview of Triumph’s Spring / Summer 2012 Shape Sensation collection the big moment had finally arrived: The jury returned from their secret ballot and George Lamb announced the winner of the TIA 2011.

The winners of the TIA 2011 are:

1st place: Boglárka Bódis from Hungary with the design Les Fleurs du Mal

2nd place: Nurten Yüksel from Turkey with the creation Hezârfen

3rd place: Diana Bobina from Romania with the creation AVA 1236

Boglárka Bódis was visibly touched and moved when her winning design was presented on the runway for the grand finale. “I still can’t believe that I won! The past days were so exciting – and I am very proud that “Les Fleurs du Mal” impressed the judges the most!”, said the 35-year-old winner.

The international young talent contest took place for the fourth time after already having been held in Beijing, Milan and London. The Triumph Inspiration Award is endowed with a € 15,000 cash prize as well as the commercial realization of the winning design.

More than 2,100 young designers from all over the world participated in this year’s Triumph Inspiration Award to follow in the footsteps of Nikolay Bozhilov from Bulgaria who won the award last year. The commercialized version of his design “Morphology” will be available at selected Triumph boutiques and department stores from July 2011.

Please find press information, high-res images and TV-footage to download from the following homepage:

username: triumph

password: tia2011 

For further information please visit:


Get Ready to Party

TRIUMPH Hosts “Get Ready to Party,”

Offers Tips for Choosing the Correct Fitting Lingerie

To Enhance Figures and Boost Confidence 

Bangkok, June 29, 2011: Triumph International (Thailand), the leader in lingerie and swimwear, kicked off a series of celebrations of its parent company Triumph International’s 125th anniversary with an informative and intimate party today. The event, dubbed Get Ready to Party is held to introduce the brands’ latest collection, Triumph “Party Bra,” and to share expert tips for choosing perfect fitting, and fun loving matching ideas of Triumph bras with outerwear.

Selecting the right-fitting bra starts with proper measurements. To ensure the right fit and comfort, measurements should be made in centimeters, not inches. To arrive at the right bra size, measure under-bust and bustline while standing straight, with arms flat along the body.

To measure the under-bust, make sure the measuring tape is positioned close around the ribcage along the bottom edge of the bra. To measure the bustline, wrap the measuring tape around the fullest point of the breasts. Then calculate the difference between the under-bust and the bustline to get the right cup size from the available choices of Cup A to H.

Once a woman have chosen bras that fit well, she needs to pay attention to the way she puts them on. The right way to put on a bra is to fit the cups to the breasts, put arms through the straps and lean slightly forward to fit naturally in to the bra. Then reach back to fasten the clasp, push the extra flesh along each side inside the cups and adjust the shoulder straps. Once the bra is put on, stand straight and check to see if the cup, side panels and back closure of the bra are level with one another. Then raise the arms to make sure the shoulder straps are not too tight that it digs onto the shoulder and the cups stay comfortably snug and not moved around.

In this season Triumph is introducing the Party Bra collection, comprising sexy designs that can be worn as innerwear or part of outerwear. The artsy designs with pleats and cheerful print lend themselves to easy mix-and-matching with denim, while the halter-neck styles are perfect with T-shirts.

The collection also features black-and-white animal prints with lace detail, ruffled straps, and jewel ornaments, each piece ideal for matching with a dress or cropped top to create a vampy party look.

To maintain the shape and color of lingerie, Triumph recommends hand-washing, especially for bras with underwire and padded bras, as machine washing can cause them to lose their shape. Do not wring the bras; instead, gently squeeze out excess water without twisting them out of shape. Hang dry on clothe hangers with the clasps fastened in a well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight to avoid stretching and fading. Once dried, store the bras unfolded to prevent them losing their shape.

Find underwear that fits wells and gives your comfort, elegance and confidence from the inside out with these simple tips. And you’ll surely find yourself the life of the party!

Triumph Inspiration Award 2011- Thailand Finals 125 Years of Celebrating Women

On April 21st, Ms. Panta Lertbunditkul from Chulalongkorn University was selected as the Triumph Inspiration Award – Thailand National winner of an audience of over 300 fashion lovers!

The local TIA program started at the beginning of the year with over 100 design entries from 20 participating design schools which then were carefully short listed to 15 designs by local panelists.

Students with selected designs then had an opportunity to attend the “All About the Bra” workshop hosted by Triumph’s local design team, giving them much appreciated tips and insights on how best to construct their garments.

The global design theme of “125 years of Celebrating Women” was given an added local twist, with a request to students to use “Thai Silk” as a main material. The challenge was both a homage to Thailand the country’s most beloved lady, Queen Sirikit, and a celebration of renowned Thai silk, a lifelong work and success of her majesty in helping Thai women in preserving country’s best crafts.

On the evening of April 21st the main hall of Paragon Cineplex was transformed into an elegant stage for the grand Triumph Inspiration Award 2011fashion show. The work from the 15 finalists wowed and impressed the huge crowd of local design enthusiasts, celebrities, VIP guests, trade partners, students and media representatives. The panel of 7 judges was comprised of some of the nation’s most famous fashion designers, an icon stylist, and the editor-in-chief of “Women Health” magazine accompanied by representatives from Triumph Thailand. The panel worked hard to select the best design to represent the country.

“The Precious Adamas” or precious diamond design from Ms. Panta emerged as the proud winner. Her inspiration was drawn from women’s beauty and strength like the true brilliance, precious value, yet most tough characteristic of the best diamond.

The show was a true success; the media loved the program and so far has featured numerous pictures and stories in newspapers, websites and TV programs. The students were also taken with experience, enjoying every bit of the spotlight and left with lasting memories of being part of an impressive show.

Berlin Fashion Week here we come!

Triumph Swimwear Passionista 2011

Feel the Summer Heat!
Triumph Thailand hosted the hottest swimwear show of the year

On March 7th Triumph Thailand hosted the hottest runway show of the year featuring the Triumph Swimwear 2011 collection and introducing Sloggi swimwear to Thailand and Asia!

The Sky Terrace on the 19th Floor of Hansa Hotel, a brand new & hip venue in the heart of downtown Bangkok was transformed by white gazebos, tents and grand catwalk into a private beach fit for a Queen and her entourage. High energy filled the air with over 350 guests including press, trade partners, celebrities and friends of Triumph crowding the Sky Terrace, sipping cold cocktails, serenaded by a live band while waiting and anticipating the grand show.

The sizzling runway opened with models showcasing Sloggi’s big and bright splash of color in mix and match styles for women and men. Then the grand show started, with glamorously styled models strutting the runway commanding every eye and provoking a blizzard of camera flashes. The audience was entranced by more than 25 styles of Triumph swimwear showing the true character of the brand.

Then, lights were dimmed and the room buzzed….. Curtains parted revealing the highlight of the show, Thai superstar singer “Masha”, the Queen of the Night, took the stage accompanied by her sexy male bodyguards. THIS was her first-ever swimwear runway show and it created sensation with the media! Her finale walk was strong, confident and sexy, truly representing the Triumph brand in every way.

The show was a huge success, a great kickoff in Thailand for the year of our 125th anniversary celebration. Press coverage and PR news continues to pour in. The show was featured in several major TV networks and in all types of print and e-media. Triumph has once again successfully cemented our position as the country’s number 1 brand in fashion swimwear.


Zero to Sexy: The 1st Reality Fashion Show

Zero To Sexy - the latest addition to Triumph’s successful Maximizer range - is set to “steal the show” this season with an innovative zero gap centre design that promotes maximum boost for super sexy cleavage that perfectly complements the current low-neckline fashions.Exclusive to the popular bust-enhancing Maximizer line of fashion lingerie, the new

Zero To Sexy bra has been cleverly designed with a unique gapless centre bridge panel that moves the bust line closer and creates an even greater push-up effect.Advanced sewing techniques mean ‘less equals more’, as the usual gap between bra cups at the centre panel is eliminated resulting in an immediate volumizing effect that allows the wearer to zoom straight to sexy and feel confident about exhibiting eye-catching cleavage.

Various styles in the range also have pocket dividers in the bra cups for optional inserting and/or removing mobile pads, allowing the padding intensity to be customized in order to achieve the perfect cleavage every time.

Other features include geometrically-designed velvet cushioned shoulder straps for greater relief of pressure points on the shoulder, and additional side panel support in the cup interior for an added centralized push-up effect.

Triumph Swimwear 2010 Collection: Be a Summer Superstar

Summer is here again! Swimwear maker Triumph ushers in the season with a runway show of its 2010 swimwear collection “Be a Summer Superstar”

Be a Summer Superstar fashion show brings the heat of summer to the catwalk. A parade of over 40 designs modeled by the industry’s top names closes with sexy model-cum-actress Yossavadee Hassadeevichit walking the finale.

Triumph International (Thailand) General Manager Chak Chalermchai said that the key to the collection remains the selection of quality materials that offer great fit and comfort, flatter every body type and are ideal for both the swimming pool and the beach.

“For our 2010 swimwear collection, we continue to emphasize high-quality materials,” says Chak. “We use imported fabrics from Italy, including Wonder and Sensitive fabrics. These are not only light, soft and wearable but also resistant to chlorine, offer protection from UVA and UVB and help firm up your body. Design-wise, this collection was inspired by superstar glamour. Every design accentuates the wearer’s unique physical appeal thanks to such details as Swarovski crystal embroidery and other ornaments that bring to mind the glamour of 50s-era movie stars. We used special techniques to design fabric patterns and the results are strikingly beautiful and reminiscent of hand embroidery.”


            Triumph in cooperation with Accademia Italiana Fashion Institute, organized Triumph Inspiration Award 2009 which has been the global lingerie design competition for young fashion designers among 30 countries including Thailand.

            Triumph Inspiration Award 2009 has been held under the motto “ICON” with objectives to open opportunity to creative young designers to discover the exciting world of the underwear by sending their design collection (3 sets of underwear) and to support young talents to a professional career and the global experience. The winner of Thailand will receive prize worth more than 10,000 baht and right to join the global competition on 23 September 2009 in Milan, Italy, during the period of Milan Fashion Week. The global winner will receive cash prize of 15,000 Euro and great opportunity to work with Triumph’s designer team to produce the winning design in Limited Edition which will be sold worldwide in the year 2010. The 1st and 2nd runners up will receive the cash prize of 10,000 and 5,000 Euro respectively.

The winner of the Thailand competition was Ms. Jewana Kim Lee, 21 years old young talent who receive the cash of 50,000 baht together with internship at Triumph International (Thailand) and the right to join the global competition in Milan, Italy.  She chose the icon of Frida Kahlo, the artist of passion, strength and pain. She presented the black and red lingerie collection, reflecting blood – pain, fire – passion, and black - night – darkness mystery.

The 1st runner up was Ms. Nattharika Hongupathamchai, 20 years old young designer receive the cash prize of 25,000 baht. Her collection was under the icon of Mulan who is heroine of legend China. The lingerie collection in pink and black color reflects the feminine and sexy, arrogant look under the inspiration “Bring at your courage that lies within you and you will discover another side of yourself.

The 2nd runner up was Mr. Lars Meire, 23 years old swiss young talent, receive the cash prize of 25,000 baht. He selects the icon of Dephne Guinness, who is heiress of the brewing beer company. The collection designs is transformable iron bird giving women freedom, creativity, beauty and a piece of Haute Couture – something unique.

Triumph Swimwear 2009 Collection: Rhythm of The City

Ushering in summer in style, lingerie and swimwear maker Triumph is debuting its new swimwear collection with Triumph Swimwear 2009: “Rhythm of the City” features a runway show with Asian pop star Amita Tata Young and top models including Kay - Chollada Mekratree present swimwear embroidered with Swarovski crystals worth more than 10,000 baht, which will be auctioned at the event to raise funds for the Wishing Well Foundation.