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The early Years

The corsetier Johann Gottfried Spiesshofer and the merchant Michael Braun found the corsetry firm Spiesshofer & Braun.
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Time of Expansion

A new beginning: production is restarted, the company reinitiates its extremely dynamic development and from 1953 begins trading under the name “Triumph International”.
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Success Story

The trademark “Triumph” has been in use for 100 years that year and the firm carries on along its path of constant growth in the new millennium.
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Shaping the Future

Introduced in 2008, a new modern Triumph logo is at the core of a completely new corporate design with which Triumph engages more directly with its consumers and their wishes and desires.
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125 years of innovation and dedication

In 2011 Triumph celebrates 125 years of creativity, innovation and dedication by continuing to set industry standards in its core competence of best fit.
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With its market entrance into the United States of America and Mexico in 2013, Triumph International further increases its global presence. 
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